Raw Banana Pecan Oat Bread

A staple! Oat flour gives this bread a moist texture and a semblance of regular bread without being too heavy on theRead More »

Life-Sustaining Lembas Bread

For Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, fill your hunger with life-sustaining Lembas bread packed with nutritiousRead More »

Pumpkin Avocado Bread

All of your favorite ingredients in a dense delicious bread!Read More »

Buckwheat Banavocado Bread with Seeds

Although the first attempt at Roasted Banavocado Bread was less-than-stellar, this opened a path to potentialRead More »

Roasted Banavocado Bread

Before you roll your eyes at yet another banana bread recipe, pause in your tracks. Have you every tried roastingRead More »

ABC Avocado Banana Chocolate Bread

Since the avocado chocolate mousse is all the rage, I figured why not turn it into a loaf? It was also a great way toRead More »

Rolling in the Deep with Dates & Cinnamon – Cinnamon Date Rolls!

There are some recipes that you come across and you know to have to make time. Recently I set to conquer two in myRead More »

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