My name is Sabrina and welcome to my little cyber-orchard of health & healing.

This blog is dedicated to my journey of exploring a new organic way of living. I’m discovering how to live in balance & harmony with our world, especially through food and crafts. I love everything about food – from learning about sociocultural historical contexts, to sourcing sustainable ingredients, to creating and plating a dish, tasting and especially capturing its texture, flavour and soul. My food philosophy is clean, simple, unpretentious and reflective. You can find mostly plant-based, raw and vegan recipes at NutriSabby.

Like all good stories, NutriSabby is fuelled by humble beginnings. It is a story of struggles, growth, challenges, successes, hurts, disappointments, but most of all about realizing DREAMS and making a difference in small ways. For the voyuers, You can read about my past in a 3-part series:
Part 1: The Skeleton is out of the Closet
Part 2: Graduation, One Year On
– Part 3 (coming soon)

NutriSabby is the end result of the story of my past and the starting point for what is to come; I look forward to sharing that story with you. Feel free to follow my journey by connecting!

For the sake of context: I am a young twenty-something residing in Singapore, have a background in Life Sciences (Honours). By day I work as a marketing and operations manager at a local organic baby food company. I am a helpless perfectionist, obsessed with detail, artistry and design, cursed with an imagination I can’t control, and a wanderlust I can’t afford. I live with a twelve year old furball called Batman.

Sabrina Chu X

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